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Volunteer with Floridians for E-Verify Now

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Floridians for E-Verify Now is depending on grassroots volunteers to make this proposed amendment part of the Florida Constitution.

We Need Volunteers for the following jobs:

  • Petition Gatherers: Needed to set up petition collection stations in public places. (Example) Post Office locations, at local festivals, in front of retail establishments that permit us to gather petitions in front of their business.
  • Precinct Walkers: Needed to gather petitions in neighborhoods
  • County Coordinators: Applicants must have the managerial skills to coordinate and implement a successful campaign in their county.
  • Fund Raisers: This ballot petition initiative in going to be very expensive. Our petition validation cost alone is $80,000. Groups sponsoring other amendments in the past have needed to raise close to a million dollars to have a successful campaign. If you have some experience in helping a non- profit organization or political campaign raise money we could use your help.
  • Talk radio: Join our “Talk Radio Team.” You can play an important part informing the public about our ballot petition. If you listen to talk radio and have participated in calling the host, or feel confident you can articulate this issue on the radio and are willing to give it a try then please join our “Talk Radio Team”.
  • Social Media: We need activist experienced with communicating though Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Ballot Petition Sorters: All petitions are being mailed to Palm Beach County. The petitions need to be sorted by county so they can be mailed to the 67 County Supervisors of Elections for validation. We need your help with this important task if you are within reasonable driving distance of West Palm Beach.

Become a Volunteer

Please fill out the contact information form below so we can provide you with information and materials you will need. Thanks for volunteering to help!

Dr. Frank Morris on E-Verify

Dr. Frank Morris is the former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and former Dean of Graduate Studies at Morgan State University. He speaks on why Floridians need to Amend the Florida Constitution to prohibit illegal alien hiring.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Now Supports E-Verify Read More

Are there really jobs Americans won't do?

Are there really jobs Americans won't do?

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