Volunteer Resources

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Thank You for signing up to volunteer with Floridians for E-Verify Now. With dedicated grassroots volunteers like you we will be able to gather the 684,000 signatures needed to put our petition on the 2016 ballot.

In order to ensure that your petition gathering efforts are successful, we ask that you please utilize our petition gathers guidelines and tips.

Guidelines for Petition Gathering

  • The petition signer must be a registered Florida voter. If they are not, give them a voter registration form to fill out. Once they complete their voters registration form they can sign our ballot petition. Please paperclip the two forms together and mail them to us. We will send their voter registration to their county supervisor of elections, and then send in their ballot petition at a later date for validation.
  • All information they enter on this ballot petition must match the information on their voter’s registration card.
  • Their information must be legible or it will not be validated.
  • Do not use surnames or titles: Examples: no Dr. Ms. Mrs. or Mr.
  • Petitions must be signed with an ink pen.
  • Be sure all information form fields are filled out and the petition is signed and dated.
  • Be sure to take care of petitions and protect them from the rain. They cannot be ripped, crumbled, or smudged from water damage.
  • Please mail us the petitions you gather every week so we can sort petitions and send to the respective supervisor of elections for validation. Mail to:
    Floridians for E-Verify Now
    P.O. Box 10694
    Riviera Beach, FL. 33419

Tips for Soliciting Petitions

  • Be pleasant, smile, and don’t waste time with anyone that wants to debate the issue. Just agree to disagree and move on to an interested person.
  • Target high traffic locations such as local festivals, flea markets, farmers markets, sporting events, US Post Offices, libraries, etc.
  • Have your supplies; E-Verify fact sheet, multiple clip boards and petitions ready to hand to prospective signers. Ask them if they are a registered voter, if they say yes, offer them the clipboard and explain the petition protects American jobs by prohibiting illegal alien hiring. A poll of likely voters shows that 78% of likely voters support our cause so the response you receive should be very positive. See poll below.
  • If someone is very interested in our petition ask them if they would consider volunteering. Give them one of our volunteer action cards so they can sign up.
  • Remember to thank everyone who signs the petition and hand them our business card so they can direct people to our website where they can download our petition.

A poll found that 78 percent of likely voters favor mandating that all employers electronically verify the immigration status of their workers. Among those who expressed an opinion, 94 percent of Republicans, 84 percent of independents, 81 percent of Democrats, and 88 percent of moderates of all parties said they favor requiring all U.S. employers to use E-Verify. Eighty-one percent of black Americans and 76 percent of other minorities, including Hispanic- and Asian-Americans, agreed. With these polling numbers, an E-Verify expansion arguably is one of the most popular and nonpartisan ways to create new jobs.